What is sound insulation testing?

Sound insulation testing is the assessment of the sound insulation performance of party walls and party floors between different dwellings. Testing is required once the property is nearing final completion and determines if the minimum Building Regulation Approved Document E ‘Resistance to the passage of sound’ standard has been met. FREE Developers guide to Sound Insulation Testing 

Do I need a sound test?

All new and converted dwelling houses and flats for residential purpose require sound testing to Approved Document E standard. This also includes a room or suite of rooms which is not a dwelling house or a flat but which is used by one or more persons to live and sleep.

How much testing is required?

A set of tests generally includes two wall tests and/or two floor tests. Testing requirements depend upon the dwelling types, for example terraced / semi-detached housing, apartments or commercial properties. We can advise on the test requirements. We may request layout plans to assist with this.

How do I find an accredited test company?

Approved Doc E Sound Insulation testing must only be provided by appropriately qualified individuals and companies registered under the Approved Doc E testing schemes. Sound Test South West T/A Soundguard Acoustics Ltd is registered with the Association of Noise Consultants (ANC) Approved Document E registration scheme. Check here for our ANC testing company registration membership 194-1.

What areas to you cover?

Sound Test South West T/A Soundguard Acoustics Ltd provides sound insulation testing across the South West including all parts of Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, Dorset and South Wales. For larger sound testing projects we will travel to other parts of the UK. Contact us for a free no obligation quote for your sound testing project.

How do I know if my site is ready for sound testing?

We provide a site checklist with all quotations. You can also view our site sound test checklist. The most important considerations are that all windows and doors are fitted, seals and thresholds are fitted and that there is a 240v electrical supply in each room to avoid running extension cables through doors.

What are the common points of failure?

Sound insulation performance varies for many reasons. Assuming correct designs and material selection, the most common factor influencing performance is poor workmanship. Detailing is critical in maximising on site performance & the prevention of sound flanking.

How do I get design advice for my project?

Our expert acoustic consultants can review the designs, provide advice and carry out onsite inspections during the build process to check specifically for any workmanship issues that could result in sound testing failure.

How long does sound insulation testing take?

The time taken for testing varies with site conditions, but generally a set of tests on houses takes about one to two hours and a set of tests on flats take between two and three hours.

How much does sound insulation testing cost?

The cost depends upon the number and type of tests required. We will provide free quotations within 24 hours.

How will I know if I have passed?

Where possible, Sound Test South West T/A Soundguard Acoustics Ltd will provide preliminary test results before we leave the site. We will follow this with a fully documented and signed report which will be emailed to you as a PDF report within 48 hours of your sound test.

What do I do if I fail the sound test?

In line with the regulations you are required to carry out remedial works to ensure the development meets the relevant performance requirements and re-test. If you don’t know what to do by way of remedial works then Sound Test South West T/A Soundguard Acoustics Ltd can advise you.

What are Robust Details?

For new house and flat developments, Robust Details may be used to eliminate the need for end of build pre-completion testing. Robust Details are high performance constructions that are capable of providing consistent & good sound insulation but do require that the design is registered with, and approved by, Robust Details Ltd (RDL).